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President's Message

January is here. With that, the river fossil hunting season begins in earnest. The visibility in the rivers will clear up and water levels should remain manageable until the summer brings daily rains. I’ve seen many of you are “cleaning up” in the Peace River. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen so many Megs posted on our Facebook page. Take advantage of what our last storm season has stirred up for us. You can’t find fossils sitting on your coach watching football.

FossilFest 2018/Peace River Adventure

The start of a New Year also means it’s time to start preparing for TBFC’s two biggest events: FossilFest 2018 and The Peace River Adventure. In this issue you’ll find a comprehensive list of volunteer information and other things TBFC needs to make FossilFest a success. Please take the time to read over the FossilFest information.

Dr. Liz Freedman Fowler

I’m very excited to tell all of you that TBFC’s January speaker will be our own Dr. Liz Freedman Fowler. Many of you don’t know Dr. Liz because she left us years ago to follow her dream of becoming a paleontologist. And that she did.

Dr. Liz is currently an Adjunct Professor at Dickinson State University in Dickinson, North Dakota, and the Chair of the Exhibits Committee for the Board of Directors of the Stark County Historical Society, which advises the Dickinson Museum Center. Dr. Liz received her Ph.D. in paleontology at Montana State University under the guidance of Dr. Jack Horner at the Museum of the Rockies. Her dissertation research focused on the evolution and growth of hadrosaurine dinosaurs from the Judith River Formation (Late Cretaceous, Campanian) of Montana. Dr. Liz is originally from Florida, and received her B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. After completing her doctorate, Dr. Liz was the Curator of Paleontology at the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta, Montana, and an adjunct professor at Montana State University. Dr. Liz was also the Museum Director of the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site in St. George, Utah.

Dr. Liz Freedman Fowler
Hooked on Claws!
Predatory Ecology of Deinonychosauria:

Foot Use Compared among Dromaeosaurids, Troodontids, and Birds

Dr, Liz will cover the raptor research of her and her husband, Dr. Denver Fowler. Raptor birds and raptor dinosaurs have many similarities in their foot anatomy, so we use the ecology of modern birds to study dinosaur behavior and hunting strategy, and how it relates to the evolution of flight.

Despite the holiday rush we had a great crowd at the December meeting. I’d love to see a big crowd in attendance to welcome Dr. Liz back to TBFC.

Happy New Year & Good Hunting,
Mike Searle