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Notice: Change of meeting time!

We've changed the time for our Saturday meetings from 7:30 PM to 7:00 PM.
This will help keep the meetings from running too late,
if a speaker goes too long.

President's Message

TBFC takes off running in September and it seems that in the blink of an eye the first half of TBFC’s season is almost over. Before you know it we’ll be talking FossilFest 2019 in these pages. But before we get to that I want to tell you about the November meeting which is a special annual event for TBFC.

November 3rd Meeting/Auction
Ben Waller Memorial Scholarship Auction
with Dr. Bob Sinibaldi

TBFC’s November meeting will host our annual Ben Waller Memorial Scholarship Auction. This will be your best opportunity to pick up some fossils, artifacts, and all sorts of “paleo” related goodies for your favorite fossil hunter. Or, what the heck, to keep for yourself! And it’s all for a good cause. Proceeds will benefit the numerous scholarships TBFC awards throughout the year.

There will be lots of “paleo” items available in the auction from all of the generous folks who donate to this worthy cause. So, if you have a bunch of those pesky meg teeth laying around, or too many mammoth molars to fit under your bed, consider donating them to this excellent cause! If you don’t have any fossils you’re ready to part with yet, a big heart and a deep wallet is all you need. What makes the Ben Waller Memorial Auction a success… is YOU!

TBFC’s auctioneer extraordinaire will once again be our very own Dr. Bob Sinibaldi. His booming voice and silly anecdotes keeps the auction interesting and a not to be missed show. I hope to see a good crowd on hand to help TBFC raise some money for our scholarships. We’ll have lots of great paleo-items to auction off including a good supply of legally collected artifacts. And… to make it easier for you to purchase items from TBFC’s auction and paleo store, we take credit and debit cards!

Jurassic Park in the Dark
November 10, 2018
Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom

What could be better than spending a beautiful evening outside watching the most recent edition of the Jurassic franchise with your fossils friends? We’ve been meeting in my backyard to watch Jurassic Movies (and the first Raiders of the Lost Ark) for about five years now. TBFC has a nice PowerPoint projector to show the movie and November is certainly a great time of year to spend time outdoors. This event has been popular and is an easy and cheap evening for the family.

Bring along some yard chairs or blankets and your own cooler of drinks and snacks, or Thermos full of hot cocoa, depending on the weather. Arrive at 7PM to claim your spot and we’ll get the movie started at 7:30PM. My address is 2407 Tangerine Hill Court, Lutz, FL 33549. This is a free TBFC event, so bring the whole family, and the neighbors. Don’t miss it!

Thank You Fossil Day Volunteers!

My thanks go out to all of the volunteers who showed up to help with Fossil Day at the Florida Aquarium. We were a little tight on manpower, so there were very few breaks for most of the day. I appreciate everyone’s hard work. The Aquarium is a great place to promote TBFC because they literally put thousands of people through their doors during Fossil Day. TBFC had displays set up throughout the Aquarium where we showed fossils that were associated with some of the living creatures on exhibit. We also had a kid’s scavenger hunt and were able to swear in over 200 new junior paleontologist with an official badge and activity book. Don’t miss Fossil Day next October! (Thanks to Seina Searle, Bill Faucher, John & Rachael Cronin, Leigh Gledhill, Eileen & Ryan Durkin, Andy & Brianna Engelson, Jarrod Morris, Patrick McGirk, and Mike & Debbie Kennedy.)

I hope to see lots of you at the NOVEMBER 3rd auction!

Good Hunting,
Mike Searle