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President's Message

What a great way to start the season. We opened up with a full crowd of nearly a hundred people to see Dr. Richard Hulbert’s presentation on the Montbrook Fossil Site. Everyone was duly impressed with the amount of fossils being excavated and the scientific quality of the specimens. Seems like Montbrook might keep the Florida Museum of Natural History busy for many field seasons to come. Thanks to Dr. Richard for making the trip from Gainesville to spend the evening with TBFC.

October 1st Meeting
Shari Clark, Florida Bat Conservancy
Florida’s Flying Mammals of the Night
A History of Bats in Florida

I don’t know for sure if we planned a presentation on Florida bats for October (Halloween) or if it was just a happy accident. But hey, things work out. In honor of Halloween, Shari Clark will be bringing LIVE, bloodsucking, hair tangling, baby stealing bats to the meeting! Believe that?

TBFC will have live bats at the October meeting and if you’re not already a fan of these flying mosquito traps, I guarantee Shari will send you home a bat loving advocate of these cute little mammals. I have personally attended one of Shari’s presentations in the past and witnessed many people who shivered at the thought of seeing a bat up close waiting in line to get their pictures taken with one after the presentation was over.

Shari will discuss the history of the bat in Florida and also explain the delicate niche these animals fill here and throughout the world. Some scientist say losing the bats would be as devastating as losing the bees and other pollinating species.

My wife and I are already bat fans and have our own bat house and have performed bat exclusions on our neighbor’s home. So we’re really looking forward to seeing Shari again.

You know I can’t end this section of my article without saying, see you at the October meeting: Same bat time, same bat channel…

National Fossil Day
Florida Aquarium
October 15th

TBFC has participated in the National Park’s Fossil Day since it began in 2010. The Florida Aquarium here in Tampa has been gracious enough to host TBFC for Fossil Day for the past five years, and it seems that each year the event gets a little bigger.

We started with a simple display table and have grown to include many displays throughout the Aquarium where we display fossils related to some of the living creatures on exhibit. Turns out that the new Guest Service Facilitator actually is a paleontologist. He worked with Dr. Blaine Shubert who has been a guest speaker for TBFC and also knows many of the other “paleo” people TBFC routinely associates with.

If you haven’t been to the Florida Aquarium yet this is the perfect time to come check it out. TBFC will be there all day on Saturday, October 15th. Come visit our displays and spend some time with us.

Good Hunting,
Mike Searle