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End of Year Banquet

Saturday June 1 at 6:00 PM.
American Postal Workers Union Hall
4409 West Alva Street
Tampa, FL 33614

Join Us!

The Tampa Bay Fossil Club is a family oriented organization focused on paleontology, archaeology, and the natural sciences in general. Meetings are held monthly at the University of South Florida and feature prominent speakers from many areas of science. The Tampa Bay Fossil Club awards two annual scholarships to University of South Florida students working in the field of paleontology and geology. The 20 year old club hosts numerous field trips and gatherings through the year.

Family Membership ($28):

Head of household and their spouse or significant other living at the same address

Head of household, their spouse or significant other, and all children living at the same address under 18 years old

Single Membership ($22):

Anyone 18 years of age or older

Student Membership ($15):

Full-time student in college, trade school, etc. 18 years old or older

International Membership ($45):

Anyone living internationally (requires special packaging and extra postage)

Membersip Application

Please print and use the following form to join us! Include check or money order and return to: Tampa Bay Fossil Club, P.O. Box 280447, Tampa, FL 33682-0447.


You can sign up at the next meeting and guests are always welcome.